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Do you own a Certified Pre-Owned Volvo? http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

Will you reach your expiration date well before you reach your 100.000-mile limit? You may be eligible to add a 12-month (84/100,000) or a 24-month (96/100,000) VIP extension to the 72 month-100, 000 mile CPO policy. These 12 or 24-month extensions offer the TotalCare level of coverage.


1. Vehicle must be registered with Volvo as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle with the 72-month/100,000 mile Volvo Certified Pre-Owned limited Warranty.

2. Vehicle must be listed on the New Vehicle Class Page with all options (All-wheel drive, Turbocharged).

3. Vehicle must have at least 1 month and 1,000 miles of the Volvo Certified Pre-Owned warranty remaining.

4. Original factory warranty must have been transferred.

5. "In-Service" date must be obtained and verified prior to sale of contract.

6. Use the VIP application for the upgrade.

7. Commercial coverage not available.

Visit us here to see costs of upgrades.

Discount pricing in effect as of January 1, 2006.

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