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DIY replace endlink? (with pics)

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Need to replace the rear sway bar end link(s). Is there a DIY with pics available somewhere? I looked on the master modification section and it looks like the pics have a dead link. I thought I saw one on the IPD site a while back, but I can't find it anymore.
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Re: DIY replace endlink? (o2k)

I don't have pics, but this is one of the easiest jobs to do. You just unbolt it from the strut and the sway bar. I believe there is a nut you have to hold with an open-end wrench while using the ratchet to loosen the main bolt securing it to the strut and sway bar.

From Vadis:
Tighten to 90Nm on the strut end
Tighten to 60 NM on the sway-bar end
Re: DIY replace endlink? (T5 for Life)

same torque spec for the fronts too right?
Re: DIY replace endlink? (o2k)

I had to use a jack to compress the strut somewhat to line up the new endlink with holes. It was easy once I did that.
Re: DIY replace endlink? (Johnr352)

Sorry for the moron moment, I missed the "rear" part. Vadis (my older version) doesn't give a specific torque spec for the rear end links, but rather a general number for bolt type.

example: M10 is 50Nm, M12 is 80Nm.

That being said, i would probably torque them down the same as the front, where the sway bar end is torqued to 60Nm, and the other end mounted to rear suspension is 90Nm.

Anyone have the a different version of a Vadis, or experience doing this?
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