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Wanting to put a cold air intake on my 05 S40.
I have researched all of the brands and components, and cannot justify the cost.
I know I could build one comparable to the $250+ for $50 or so.
I was leaning more towards the ram air concept though.
I plan on creating an intake similar to K&N, etc., but then running it over to the cold air hose coming from the grille.
I think if I could make some sort of box to place the cold air filter in, that receives all of its airflow from the grille(air coming from outside the car), it would be a true cold air intake.
I plan on using random bits of air tubing (ABS or Aluminum) and bends and connectors (silicone?), and possibly coating it all in ceramic paint/coating.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Improvements?

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A few others have done similar mods, even putting the filter in the grille area instead.

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with other options. See here, I encourage you read through the ideas presented. The final conclusion was that it's cheaper and easier to go with a basic intake and find ways to direct more air towards it.

After spending years trying to design something for myself, the total cost always came out to be well over $200. That's why I finally settled on getting an Injen intake (which comes with a warranty and has been proven to work with our cars). The biggest concern (if you have a T5) is getting the air to flow properly so as to not upset the MAF.

If you go custom, more power to you! Just be prepared for a LOT of trial and error with getting the air to flow as smoothly as is needed. Even having a 90° bend before the MAF can throw a code.

Here's some of the mods I added to get more air at my intake.

Here's where your cost will add up fast.
$30 for an oiled filter or $40 for a dry filter.
You won't see any real gains with the stock intake pipe, and it'll also limit the turbo noise and grumble you want. So realistically you'll need to replace that. Cheapest option is the Elevate IP which is $150.
Right there you're nearing $200. You'll also need to build a heat shield or enclosure for the intake, as well as an ECU bracket.

There has been some questioning concern for how well the ECU gets cooled when all the air goes straight to the intake. I'm not sure how true it is, but considering that the ECU is currently placed in flow with the intake, it's a safe assumption you'll want any extra air blowing at its cooling fins.
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