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DIY Coilovers

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Anyone attempted these? Looks like they would work... but I really dont know.


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My thoughts: Hacking into some brand new struts = bad.

When you need a strut rebuilt (I've been told Koni does this for free, you pay shipping), and they receive something that's been cut and hacked up, they are probably going to tell you to GFY.

I could go on, about why I think this is a bad idea...

But props to him for doing it I guess. It would be tedious to do that to perfection 4 times, and not be worried about throwing your money away.
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I highly doubt a DIY fix of that manner will have good results...
Waste of time, IMO
I actually built my roommate's coilovers just like these:

His current ride height:

Not quite sure how they'd turn out for the S40, but they are definitely not the suspension for people who want to maintain any amount of comfort.
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