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Good Morning everyone!
I am a new owner of a Obsidian Grey Inscription for 2 weeks now and I am loving it. At first I thought the ride was rather noisy and jarring. The noise was actually more tire noise. So I did some searching on this terrific forum and found out about the excess tire pressure. I tested my vehicle and it was at 45 psi! The psi at the door says 38 is the correct psi so i got it to roughly 40 and the difference was night and day. Now it's super comfortable and silent. I found it strange how the dealership didn't adjust this prior to delivering to me. I did rush them for delivery as they picked it up from the dock and brought it straight to dealership on the day I was there.

There's my introduction and I wanted to ask if anyone has been playing Divx files off of the USB connection? I tested it with my phone and I registered the car to DIVX. I also downloaded that official initiation DIVX file onto my phone to load. I can't even select the USB icon when I plug my Android phone in. However it is charging my phone.

Any ideas?
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