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2012 s60 T5 with 82k km.

Started with instrument cluster gauges going off or to 0 (fuel/temp/speed/tach/clock/etc) and losing the LCD display. Brake failure messages also. This came and went, intermittently, maybe 12 times over a 20 minute drive, lasting ~30 seconds each time.

Replaced battery Tuesday and checked fuses. All seemed ok for couple of days, although noted a few power steering service messages flash by Thursday evening.

Saturday drove out of town ~120 km, no issues. About to return Sunday, couldn't use keyless to get into car. Got in with blade key, engine started fine, but no instrument cluster or display functions again, and also (new) no center console functions (heat/fans/nothing), no power locks/windows/seats. Basically the engine ran with DRL, wipers and fluid. I drove it ~10 mins, saw a couple functions coming back, so pulled over and restarted the engine several times, each time would get various/different functions back. After ~4th restart, had all functions, so drove home without recurrence (120km), and now haven't seen problem again for 2 days (~3 15-20 minute trips).

Dealer diagnostic today shows nothing. (not even any failure codes from weekend...which seems fishy)

I've read a bunch of posts, and it sounds like I might be looking at xemodex DIM repair, except the center console failure bothers me...could that be related to DIM failure?

Also planning to check power seat module, might try driving with it disconnected for a while...
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