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I got a issue with my DICE (green motherboard) i used for the last 4 years with non problem until about a month. the dice intermittently lost communication... but now i lost all communication and never been able to reconnect.

I use a dedicated HP laptop, Window 7, VIDA2014D, Patch 2014A-B-D2099, DICE Driver SETEK AB 6.1.7600.16358.
I removed and reinstalled every thing .. still same issue.
I see the DICE driver on Device Manager, but device status is " this device cannot start. (code 10)"
In VIDA on Vehicle Profil a see the communication tool drop down menu but just " not selected " and no DICE show like it use to be.
USB com status light don't blink. but the other one blink depending if i connected in a car or 12V. (3 light on car, 2 light on 12V)
I try the DICE in 2 cars and on 12V power still don't communicate.

I read and try pretty much every thing about DICE issue on the group ...

Did anyone have this issue before?
Or any help before i order a new DICE unit....
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