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My 2012 S60 T6AWD has 157k and just popped up with a ABS/DSTC/City Safety faults.
I bought V**A 2014 DICE and DELL package and in plugging in to test I have discovered several modules are not talking to me. CEM and about a 20 others are red, including the BCM. The DIM and about 7 more are good to go.
Obviously, the issue is only with the reporting side because the car runs like a top and everything works except Cruise Control and I suppose ABS. I’ve checked and found no popped fuses or any wiring damage apparent.
Next step is to disconnect and ohm out the HS and MS CAN lines but does anyone have any suggestions from personal experience in this area? I recently had it to Volvo for the fan assy and fan control module replacement after it gave me an impending overheat message and then killed the battery from running on after parking it.
TIA for any helpful suggestions.

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