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Volvo, showing two concept cars in one Detroit show, was definitely a show of force.

They were tucked neatly within Ford's Premiere Automotive Groupe of brands right next to Land Rover and with Aston, Jaguar and Lincoln nearby. Mazda, and Ford were just across the way.

Wolfgang Reitzle could be seen meeting with press and industry types in the clear glass meeting rooms over at Volvo, which was a constantly busy booth.

Production cars in the booth were the concepts, a V70 XC, S80 T6, S60 T5 with large wheels (could have been 18s. Last was a gold V40. Often these manufacturers have few cars in the booth to make room for the press conferences, so we hope Volvo adds a V70 T5 and an S40 before the show opens to the public. We were dissappointed that these two cars were not present, though the two concepts more than made up for it.
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