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As you can see, the XC90 has been released and looks like it'll be a major contender in the marketplace.

Volvo did a large presentation in the nearby Cobo Auditorium where they had three XC90s on hand, a blue one in a different trim level. I'll try to have pics up later this week.

On hand also was what Volvo called teh Hogster (play on the original name which means Sow in Swedish supposedly referring to its appearance), which was the most recent SUV predecessor from Volvo. This one had been found via the internet in the USA. VCNA bought it and had it totally rebuilt as it was quite rusty and in a state of disrepair. It's been restored to it's original military setup (radio equipment provisions in the back), though added to for the show. The Yellow paint is temporary paint (washes off) and the roof and rear racks were added. It was a unique way to introduce the XC90.

Back in Cobo Hall at the Volvo booth, one of the new white pearly S80s is there, in addition to an Ocean Race V70 XC, a regular XC, an S60 T-5 and S60 AWD.

Expect to see more photos from the show by early next week. I will be on the road until then unfortunately.
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