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EXT. D = Extended electrical distribution. 53/454 powers up other modules that are not installed on all car markets.
XC90 and other Volvo's are prewired using 53/454 for different options. Pull up the wiring diagram, search for 53/454. It will list each page the 53/453 is used. You can supply ICM pin A1 with any 12 volt source. Below are different wiring diagrams using 54/454. RTI is not used in the US Market. Rear Entertainment is a dealer installed option.

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Pin out is from VIDA.
The first 2 sites have VIDA for download. Not sure if download works outside the US.
The last site is VIDA, wiring and other stuff.
I use VMWare VIDA and it works on all operating systems.

Downloads — NordCarolina

Diagnostic Laptops – Automotive systems for V0LV0 and more (diaglaptops.com)

Volvo EWD Online – English – Volvo Diagnostics

The nice thing about this VIDA you can choose any world market, Model, Engine and transmission.
The older models have parts look up only. The US market VIDA has parts/repair procedures from about 1991-
In 1995 the US market stopped using the 4-cyl Red block engine and went to 5 or 6 cyl White engine.
Other markets were still using the B230F and B234F after 1995. In non US markets you can get various models
with Gas 4-5-6 cylinder, Diesel 4-5 cylinder with a manual or automatic transmission.
For the US market, no diesel in any model after 1985, manual transmissions in 240, 740, 940 850, S/V 70's,
P1's, limited P2, S60/V/XC70, No XC90's or P3's.
For the engine number, B=Gas, D=Diesel.
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