Weiterstadt. Volvo tuner, HEICO SPORTIV, is affording the new S60 and V60 models sporty design highlights in the form of an attractive bodykit. The program encompasses a three-part front spoiler and a rear diffuser including a tailpipe kit or, alternatively, a sport exhaust system.

For over twenty years now, exterior parts with a clear and dynamic and punchy design language have characterized HEICO SPORTIV's "HELO" product range. These skillfully build on the series design, giving Volvo owners the freedom to customize their vehicles.

The world's leading Volvo tuner is now offering a range of new exterior components for the Volvo S60 and V60 models. The three-part front spoiler comprises two lateral flaps with optical air intakes which can be painted in the body color or an accent color, if desired. Together with the deep drawn central element, the front spoiler stylishly complements the R Design's design language, thereby emphasizing the 60 Series' sporty character.

The HEICO SPORTIV front spoiler builds systematically on the dynamic configuration of the R Design. It fulfills the latest pedestrian safety regulations and can be easily installed, without having to disassemble or damage the front skirt

At the rear, the new HEICO SPORTIV diffuser elegantly enhances the car's sporty design language. Similarly to the front spoiler, the plastic component is manufactured in high grade PU-R-RIM for maximum quality and fitting accuracy, and boasts five aero-fins resembling those common in motorsports. Together with the optional HEICO SPORTIV tailpipe kit, the elements lend the back of the vehicle a discrete and highly dynamic appearance. The rear diffuser is mounted on top of the original rear skirt and can be painted, similarly to the front spoiler, in a high-contrast color.

HEICO SPORTIV offers the front spoiler, including the read diffuser and quad tailpipe kit in Black Chrome at an attractive total price. The bodykit is also available with the beguiling HEICO SPORTIV quad outlet sport exhaust - optionally with electric flap control.

The bodykit for the Volvo S60 and V60 models will be available from the first quarter of 2020.