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The regulars here may recall a situation last summer when Volvo managed to "lose" for a few weeks three OSD vehicles - two of them belonging to members of this board - before eventually locating them forgotten on a pier in Belgium. Our XC90 which we had dropped off in Europe on June 24 was finally delivered in Charlotte on October 21.

After some wrangling, in August Volvo ultimately agreed to reimburse our expenses for renting a similar-sized SUV (we are a family of six) until they found and delivered our vehicle. Since it ultimately was more than two months later when they delivered the vehicle, the amount involved runs into the thousands of dollars. Months later, and after repeated reminders from me, and repeated confirmations from Volvo, we still have received nothing.

Unfortunately, soon we may have to turn this over to our lawyer to see what he can do (other than send us outrageous bills). But before going that route, I wanted to ask if any of you heavily involved in OSD have any contacts at Volvo who I might try to reach. The person with whom I had contact at Volvo and who had communicated their commitment to reimburse us was Monica Stewart. The last communication I had from her was in March, when she forwarded me an email to her colleague Katherine Rehill in which she supposedly reiterated an earlier request for them to send a check. Can anyone tell me who the supervisors of these people might be or provide contact information for someone higher up?

Also, other than Nicholas, with whom I have already been in contact with, does anyone know who the third person involved was? If we do have to go the legal-action route, I would make sense for us to do that in a coordinated fashion.


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Re: Delay in delivery of OSD vehicle (alella)


I am in Charlotte....but I was not the OSD person you worked with...so I hesitate to get involved as I am sure you are aware that sometimes "too many cooks spoil the soup"
....but I have been doing this for a long time and IF you would like I will try to help.
This forum is not the proper place to get into all the details of 1 particular situation and try to piece together the events that transpired.
Send me an IM and I will try to get you some info that will solve the problem.
I know some of you that are IN the biz are saying ..."Bob, why are you offering to help someone without having a clue as to what has happened?"....Well, you may be right. There may be nothing I can do..and then again I might be able to at least give David some input that will help to correct the problem. I am committed to the OSD program...AND the customers are in my market! After 26+ years in this biz..I have learned a few things
one of those is "if you don't at least TRY...nothing will get accomplished!".....
So......David...I am making no promises...but I will try!
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