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Dash trim replacement?

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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with replacing the "wood" trim in their 850s with something like the carbon fiber kit that EA sells. Do they replace or just cover up the existing trim? How did removal of the existing trim go, esp. the gear shift? Does anyone else sell these things?

Sorry for a post that doesn't discuss wastegates, tires, or race launches. I just don't think the T-5R looks quite right the way it is, and I promise to ask about those in the future.

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I've seen some kits installed. Terrence's old 850 had Carbon Fiber I think, and I sat in a T-5 that had carbon fiber as well. It looked good if you like Carbon Fiber.

I like aluminum, but just a little bit of aluminum, and not with wood. I looked into trying to replace the wood trim with black plastic and doing an aluminum center console like the newer V70 Rs, but alas I found also htat replacement of the trim is replacing much of the dash, expensive or time consuming or both....not to mention opening up a big can of rattle potential.

I think Terrence had painted the corners around where the CF may not have covered, but his install looked good. I'm not sure which kit I've seen, but I know I haven't seen a good Aluminum kit yet.
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