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Dash trim replacement?

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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with replacing the "wood" trim in their 850s with something like the carbon fiber kit that EA sells. Do they replace or just cover up the existing trim? How did removal of the existing trim go, esp. the gear shift? Does anyone else sell these things?

Sorry for a post that doesn't discuss wastegates, tires, or race launches. I just don't think the T-5R looks quite right the way it is, and I promise to ask about those in the future.

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Welcome to Swedespeed! It is cool that you have the original 850 T5-R.
Is your car T-Gul Yellow? As far as I remember, there were two wood trims you could get, "Blond" and "Dark Burled", which one does your car have?

Since the wood trim in your car is actually part of the dash, it is going to be very hard to remove. Most of the aftermarket wood trim kits will just lay on top of the factory wood. I am not sure how good it will look since they stick on to the dash using 3M adhesive.

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