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Dan Werbin, has been appointed the President and CEO of VCNA. He will assume the duties after a transition period in which Vic Doolan serves as acting President and CEO.

Mr. Werbin has been President and CEO of Volvo Cars Japan in 1996. He has a long and distinguished career at Volvo behind him, including product planning, engineering, sales and executive management assignments.

Prior to his assignment in Japan, Mr. Werbin was responsible for the realization of Volvo S40 and V40, a product and industrial project of major scale involving close cooperation and negotiations with Mitsubishi Motor Corporation.

Mr. Werbin has played a major role in product development at Volvo. From 1978 through 1986 he headed the Product Planning Division paving the way for Volvo 850, the first front wheel driven product from Volvo, introduced 1992 in the US.

Mr. Werbin also has experience in the US market. Between 1973 and 1978, Mr. Werbin established a Product Engineering and Development department in the US. His function was to consolidate a competitive product program for the North American, as well as develop and maintain constructive relations with various state authorities on matters concerning safety and environment.

As a graduate of Chalmers University in Gothenburg with a Master of Engineering Degree, Mr. Werbin joined Volvo in 1970. His first responsibility as product specialist was to assist in developing the first safety concept car from Volvo, the Volvo Experimental Safety Vehicle, VESC.
[Source: Volvo Cars North America, LLC]
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