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Hey everyone!!

Hope the weekend is greeting you nicely. I am back with another flash sale. This time showing some love for the R and T5 models. I am running a flash sale on Snabb high air flow intake kit for your R or T5 models (exact fitment years and description is listed below photo) The price for this kit is 134.99 shipped .I have limited availability so I will be treating this as a group buy. PM me, Email me ( [email protected]) , or call me 877-634-0063 ext 221 for ordering details. You can also send a pay pal payment direct to [email protected] with your vin and name of the group buy in the subject as well. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me and as always check out http://www.fcpeuro.com for all you Volvo needs.

Get that extra throttle response and intake growl out of your R by replacing the restrictive factory fresh air pipe that runs from your mass airflow sensor to your turbo with a Snabb high-flow intake.

During flow bench testing our R intake pipe has shown to flow an average of 8% more than stock. The factory fresh air pipe is corrugated and reduces down to a diameter that is smaller than the turbo inlet. These two factors reduce airflow and create a restriction for the turbo. Our Fresh air pipe is made from aluminum and silicone with a full 3" diameter. The factory R pipe flattens out to 2.25" x 3". Exclusive design retains the exact location of the PTC and recesses it out of the pipe, eliminating restriction even more. You will get better throttle response, faster airflow and higher air volume at your turbos limit resulting in more horsepower and torque.

NOTE: If you have a T5 please be sure to visually inspect the intake to make sure that this pipe will fit your vehicle.

Kit includes:

* 1 3" Polished 6061 aircraft grade aluminum pipe with welded NPT bungs and installed NPT barbs.

* 2 Custom silicone connectors

* 6 Swedish made ABA worm clamps

* Installation instructions

Fitment Application:

* 04-07 V70R/S60R

* 05+ T5's

Thanks Again!!

[email protected]
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