I have for sale an apocalypse and recession beating:
1992 Volvo 740.

Ride both of those shortly inevitable events out in style with a timeless Swedish classic.

Yes that's right. I have the holy grail of the car world. The brick.

Clean title and clean carfax.

I finally decided to stop being lazy and take some proper pictures at Grannies church. She finally stopped going to bingo and found God. Also I'm not being lazy about selling this thing anymore and am posting it on craigslist and a few other places.

Grandma Owned;. She owes me money so I'm selling the car so she can stop throwing away her money at the bingo hall.
It is not showroom condition. But mechanically good to go!
If you're expecting perfection from a 30 year old car. Just don't.
Engine is nice and quiet!
This car will guaranteed take you from the East Coast to the West Coast and back when you realize the West Coast is an awful place to be.
Car is qualified to be registered as an antique. Which means $25 a month for full insurance coverage provided you're not a horrendous driver or DUI hobbyist. Granted if you have multiple DUI this is probably your best bet to drive anywhere. Your results will vary. I am not a lawyer.
115k original miles
AC is R-134a.
Blows Hot Heat and Cold Air.
Starts, runs and Drives flawlessly.
Zero bounce or diving to the suspension.
I would keep this for myself if I wasn't already inundated with cars.
30-35mpgs easily on its non turbo 4 cylinder BRICK
Gas cap door is loose.
Minor dent in rear quarter bumper because granny can't see for ****. Doesn't bother me. This is a cheap ass reliable daily. See Point #2 and #3.

This is the literal perfect car for anyone. Mom. Dad. Son. Daughter. Your inlaws. Yourself. A backup car to armor up for war. A discrete car for the mistress. A discrete car for yourself. The possibilities truly are endless. AND I'm asking for a non-outrageous price.