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Update 2021-09-24:

Volvo dealer checked the vehicle and found out that vacuum pump has partially failed and was actuating the EGR valve due fluctuating insufficient vacuum.
A new vacuum pump is expensive (Volvo part 31375107) ~600€, searching internet revealed that there is common failure with these vacuum pumps where a valve attached to it has it's membrane fail (Volvo part 31430964) ~100€. Aftermarket part producers offer this membrane as separate part from the complete valve for 28€ per piece and the valve it self can be disassembled.

Currently suspect the vacuum pump valve membrane. Ordered membrane as separate part.
I'll change it when it arrives and update this post.

I am wondering what is causing this noise and should I be worried?
It's coming near the clutch housing and started almost immediately after clutch + DMF was replaced with new parts.

Volvo S60 D5 2014 - Dual Mass Flywheel noise -> Vacuum pump valve failure?

Accelerator pedal actuated to noise to occur.
Noise comes and goes even on idle.
Actuating clutch pedal does not change the noise when occurring.
Worst at or occurs when engine revved to 1500 RPM and gas pedal is released completely.
Can be faintly heard from inside of the car on normal city driving.

Clutch kit (including throw-out bearing, pressure plate and clutch disk) and Dual Mass Flywheel where changed at 204 751 KM (2021-07-21)
Currently at 208 793 KM (2021-09-20). All parts Volvo OEM.
No shipping damage where detected.
Work was done by dealer (authorized Volvo service) in Finland.

Car: European Volvo S60 2014 chassis 292891
Engine: D5244T11 Transmission: M66 FWD
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