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D2S HID retrofit, E46 projectors, Matsu****a Ballasts, Morimoto 5000K, 35W

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D2S HID retrofit, E46 projectors, Matsu****a Ballasts, Morimoto 5000K, 35W

Beginning my HID retrofit today. Going to take more time than I thought as there is a lot more involved with tuning the HID output than expected. All parts ordered thru my friends at TheRetrofitSource.com

Parts list:
Matsu****a ballasts 35W setup
Morimoto 5000K D2S bulbs
E46 bi-xenon projector housings
ZKW-R clear lenses
H7 wiring harness converted to work with H11 setup

The wiring harness only uses one of the low beam bulb inputs and then using a relay system attached to the battery runs an extension harness over to the passenger side ballast. An H11 harness kit wasnt available so a H11 female connector just needs to be swapped out for the H7 that comes with it.

So far that ive seen today is due to only using one head light low beam connector connected to the harness theres a bulb out message. Have to figure out how to fake out the passenger side harness.

With nothing installed into the head lights yet I took some comparison pics just to show the difference between a 55W DDM kit with 45000K bulbs and the 35W retrofit with E46 projectors and the factory lenses that came with them.



Will continue to update the thread as the project goes along. More than likely wont finish this weekend as I need some more supplies.

By adjusting the cut off shield or the "shield mod" as they call it you can alter the cut off line color and clarity. Ill be using a roll of flashing to adjust and alter the output to my liking and then drill out the rivets that hold the RV shield on to mount it.

I also have clear ZKW-R lenses to swap in which changes the clarity and output of the bulbs quite a bit. Did the one side but need to change how it mounts inside the projector a bit more. You can see the difference from the E46 lenses compared to the clears quite a bit just visibly.



Stock projector to E46 projector comparison

These are the shields that are required for the color modification. Used a roll of thin aluminum flashing and was cut with scissors.

Final results with E46 projectors, ZKW-R lenses installed, Morimoto 5000K D2S bulbs, AMP adapters to DDM 55W ballasts.
Here are the final results of the retrofit

Modified by ForceFed Motorsports at 5:21 PM 12-1-2009

Modified by ForceFed Motorsports at 5:23 PM 12-1-2009

Should also note that if anyone is experiencing issues with aftermarket ballast firing issues, or just plain worried about the wiper module failure, I used https://www.skbowe.com/ harness to eliminate the original issues I was having with DDM.
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Damn those look nice... my hid's are looking kinda greenish lately :(
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