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Hello, XC60 D5 (205bhp) owner of many years (10+) first time stuck with a problem so hoping someone can help here ....

Had a problem with my injector (see engine code below) hence injector 4 was replaced by the relevant new Bosch part (read that second hand / remanufactured parts can cause problems). However when using the Snapon diagnostic tool with the relevant Volvo XC60 specific software the fault code would not clear / reset . When using the generic OBCD software, with the same diagnostic tool, no faults were registered once the injector was changed. Moreover although the car starts fine initially, the knocking returns when the engine has warmed up a bit and had a run. The actual fault given and which wont clear is "p1554-68 Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit Range / Performance . Algorithm Based Failures". Does anybody know or have any suggestions what this fault actually means and how best to cure the underlying problem and remove the faulty code?

Many thanks
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