Cyan racing may not be known as Polestar anymore, but that doesn't mean they'll stop racing Volvo chassis.

You may be aware that Lotus (also a member of the Geely empire) and Cyan have been racing in the Swedish GT series this year, but next year it seems Cyan will be teaming up with Lynk&Co.

Teasers released by the team have so far been anything but indecipherable. The racer appears to be based on the Lynk&Co 03, which sits on the XC40's CMA platform. That means it will have access to a 1.5-liter three cylinder engine and a 2.0-liter four-pot (which we think we may have spotted in the video below).

The car will likely be used for touring car racing of some description. Given its size, it could conceivably race in customer-car heavy TCR series around the world. That would put it up against the likes of VW's Golf, Honda's Civic, and Audi's A3.

Cyan has a history in the Swedish and World Touring Car Championships, though, so that might also be an option. Cyan does tend to race its own cars, but historically has raced the slightly bigger S60 in the series.

The video also shows the car being shown off to a Mr Cheng and since Lynk&Co is a Chinese brand, Cyan's 03 may race in a series like the China Touring Car Championship. With Lynk&Co looking to break into the European market, though, it may try to win hearts and minds by winning on the European circuit.

Whatever the case, we'll find out on October 19, when Cyan Racing fully reveals its Lynk&Co racer.