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Good day,

So my girlfriends 2000 S80 was throwing a P1330 code and stuttering occasionally at idle or accelerating.

The code checks out for the CVVT solenoid. I called multiple dealers and third parties. IPD doesn't stock it; NAPA doesn't carry any replacement, only way to go is dealer or distributer of Volvo OEM part.

This by the way is $200. Ouch.

So I get the new part, Volvo completely changed the connection. The harness from the car won't come close to fitting. I don't know what happened. I searched and searched and couldn’t find a good write up for the replacement. It seems like people used to get a new plug to fit into the back of this new piece. However all I received was the solenoid, gasket, 2 wires, and 2 crimps.

Other write ups mention keeping wire 1 going to wire 1 on the new solenoid. But nowhere on the new piece is there a number whatsoever. SO, where does each of the two wires go? Did I get screwed out of a missing harness that I could have spliced into and plugged into the new piece?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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