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Hey forum,

I wanted to share a cool thing I decided to do with my shoes. About a month ago, I ordered these shoes from Nike.com with their custom id thing, (I have to order shoes online because stores don't carry size 15). But anyway, I decided to pay homage to the R and why not do it with the last thing people would expect. I'm not a shoe person at all, I wear one pair, every day until they tear but I figured this would be much unique.

I got the idea when my friend did custom shoes with the id mark for his S4, and I thought it was pretty damn cool. He matched it to his paint, black and he used to show them off really well. As you will see in the pics below, they didn't have a Magic Blue color option for me, so I had to go with a Sonic Blue color. I figure that in a few months, the leather will get darker and match my paint better. Instead of S60R, I went with P2R for a more slick look and for people to ask what P2R is :D

For those wanting the link to a list of all customizable Nike shoes, here it is. I decided to go with the Shox because they are comfortable for me and are easier to run in and keep waterproof. They took about 3 weeks to arrive from Vietnam after the order. Also, the lettering in the back is covered by some clear plastic, they will not wear off.

Let me know what you guys think of them. If you order some custom shoes, post a pic of your custom lettering and a pic of when they arrive.

Nike P2R shoes 1 by Martini_277, on Flickr
Nike P2R shoes 2 by Martini_277, on Flickr
Nike P2R shoes 3 by Martini_277, on Flickr
Nike P2R shoes 4 by Martini_277, on Flickr
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