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I am looking to do a custom 3" SS turbo back for my C70 T5. I have an OBX 3" angle flange DP and a metal core cat with vbands already.

On my old car( Saab Viggen) I loved the exhaust I had ( all 3" ss, Vibrant metal core cat,12" vibrant bottle resonator, 10"Vibrant ultra Quiet resonator and Vibrant dual tip street power muffler). The sound under boost, the cracks and pops and backfiring was perfect. Even at highway speeds it was quiet enough to be pretty civil.

The only issue I had was that at start up(and I guess up to 2000-2500rpm) it was fairly loud. Is there any recommendations to changing the pieces to lower the idle volume and low rpm/low throttle volume to make it more civil leaving my neighbourhood early and late.

Thinking about switching to a longer Magnaflow 5" or 6" round 14" or 18" long resonator? or maybe keep the Vibrant ultra quiet and do a 14" long 4" or 5" as well. I would like to keep the same volume under hard throttle/boost and all the good backfire/crackling especially. but lower the lower rpm a bit if I can.

I have a very very very loud other car so this being the daily I should try and not have the neighbours hate me too much

Any options welcome.
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