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Current US Lease Deals?

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I have an 07 S60 with a lease expiring in September, but I'm getting very close to my mileage limit.

Anyone hear of Volvo offering any "loyalty" lease deals where you could exit a current lease early to move into a new Volve lease?
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Re: Current US Lease Deals? (mikegoldnj)

I am a dealer in NY and we offer a great loyalty program to S60 lessees to transition to a new S80 lease. Right now you would be eligible for $1000 S60 - S80 lease loyalty + $1000 Volvo owner loyalty. If you work for a company that participates in Volvo's "X-Plan" (Ford's Partners/Friends & Family Plan) you are eligible for an additional $1500 on the S80. Furthermore the standard offers now on the S80 lease are great. If you would consider buying out of NJ contact me at [email protected] or stop in and see your local dealer. Good luck.
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