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Cupholder installation

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Anyone have any recommendations on how to install the cupholders into the center armrest? My old ones broke and I order a new set from Volvo. I just need a little guidance on installation. Any input will help.
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Re: Cupholder installation (BillMill)

That is funny, I just did mine today. First, take off the two screws from the hinch that allows you to turn up down the center arm rest. Then there are three screws on the bottom of the center arm rest you need to take off, split with the flat screw driver the arm rest in two pieces and slide off the old one. In the same way slide in the new one and put the thing back together the way you took it apart. All you have to do take 5 screws off and you will be done in about 10 min. I am not sure what size torx I used but make sure you got the set of them with you before you begin, as I am used to do every time I intend to do anything around the 850s and 70s series.

Good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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