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Boston, MA -- Cross Country Automotive Services (CCAS) today announced that the telematics infrastructure, service offerings, and activation/provisioning website it has developed to power Volvo's On Call Plus is ready for deployment for the U.S. launch of Volvo's telematics solution in model year 2003. The announcement marks a milestone in the development of Volvo Cars of North America's telematics offering where CCAS has worked collaboratively with Volvo to develop the safety, security and vehicle monitoring features that are essential to Volvo's On Call Plus. In addition, CCAS has completed the system's technical infrastructure, customer activation/provisioning websites, and direct marketing/customer relationship management initiatives that relate to collateral fulfillment, subscriber renewal and billing.

"When we selected CCAS as a partner to help us develop, deploy and service Volvo's On Call Plus, we based our decision on the fact that the company is an experienced telematics service provider that shares our commitment to bringing drivers and passengers a high level of safety, security and customer service available,'' said Klas-Eino Klaesson, Project manager, Telematics for Volvo Cars of North America LLC. "As we approach the launch of Volvo On Call Plus, CCAS has proven a critical partner in making our vision a reality. We look forward to the launch of our telematics offering, and are confident that CCAS will endure as a long-term partner.''

As the central data monitoring service and customer contact center for Volvo's high-tech, safety and personal security link, CCAS will provide a range of telematics services including location-enhanced roadside and Mayday assistance, as well as alarm/theft notification, stolen vehicle tracking and remote features operations. Since May 1999, CCAS has provided Volvo with its private-label roadside assistance program, which is designed to increase customer retention and overall satisfaction levels.

"We are excited to be selected as the end-to-end telematics service provider and to have had the opportunity to co-develop Volvo's On Call Plus,'' said Michael A. Saxton, CCAS's President and CEO. "During the past 29 years, CCAS has made its mark on the automotive industry by providing safety and security programs that enable our clients to not only understand their customers' needs, but also help retain customers and capture their lifetime value. This core service will continue to be the key to deriving value from telematics, and we look forward to making Volvo On Call Plus a success for our partner.''

CCAS first started working with Volvo Technology of America and Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden to develop and integrate a telematics solution for the U.S. market. In doing so, CCAS created a technology infrastructure capable of handling both analog and digital interfaces. CCAS worked with Ericsson, which manufactures Volvo's On Call Plus telephone module, and Autoliv, the manufacturer of the telematics unit, and integrated the Volvo On Call Plus system and wireless network into its network infrastructure. Assisting Volvo Technology of America in developing the system's end-to-end architecture, CCAS also played a critical role in developing the in-vehicle software, the response center's interface, vehicle data decoding/processing protocols, and platform for routing incoming/outgoing data.

In addition to developing the technical infrastructure, CCAS created an activation and provisioning website that ensures that Volvo's On Call Plus is easily and quickly operational. As the vehicle rolls off the assembly line, Volvo's VADIS system sends an electronic file directly to CCAS providing the vehicle information to be stored in a pre-activated database. As a buyer purchases a Volvo automobile equipped with the Volvo On Call Plus system, the dealer enters the activation website and enrolls the new driver in the service, which will be free for the first year. Once this initial activation process is complete, Volvo's On Call Plus is ready for use. The Volvo On Call Plus associate is available to take the first call, review available service features, as well as collect additional personal information that is helpful to emergency and medical professionals in the event of a collision.

After the 12-month trial is complete, CCAS is responsible for renewing subscriptions and converting these drivers to paying customers. To implement this phase of the engagement, CCAS relies on its direct marketing capabilities to retain customers and manage the fulfillment and billing processes.

About Cross Country Automotive Services

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Cross Country Automotive Services (www.CrossCountry-Auto.com) is the leading provider of mobility-related customer service programs in North America, including emergency roadside assistance, telematics support, and direct marketing and customer relationship management. Over 1,400 Cross Country employees serve more than 100 corporate clients and their more than 40 million customers each year. Cross Country Automotive Services is a member of The Cross Country Group, the largest privately held provider of mobility-related customer service programs in the United States.

Source: Cross Country Automotive Services
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