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First time poster long time lurker. I've been questing my 2010 C30 R towards how I would have ordered it straight from Sweden (with additional aftermarket performance of course). I'm currently focused on converting the interior trim from black leather/R-design to cranberry leather/nordic oak. The oak was easily sourced here in the US, albeit expensive. The cranberry leather, on the other hand, is proving difficult.

The trim code for the black/cranberry C30 interior is BDSM, and from what I can tell it is exceedingly rare spec in the states. It seems more common in the C70s, but the only compatible components are the front seats and all the headrests from what I can tell. The front left 5DSM door panel is listed in the US, but not the right or either of the rear side panels or seats/leather.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge ordering genuine parts from the European market via an online catalog?
Or if anyone has or knows someone with a cranberry C30, I would be willing to $$$ + trade my minty black/offblack for some red panels and seats (especially the rear) :)
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