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Couple questions for anyone who knows body work...

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I'm gonna try to not rant and rave, but I have had two hit and run incidents on my car this week. One on my rear left where a good inch or two of paint was popped off, the tail was lightly scraped along the side (protected from my vinyl cover pretty well), and a slight dent to the rear panel (bumper cover is fine minus the paint chipped off). Incident 2 just happened tonight while I was at the grocery store, someone/something hit either my right front fender or right passenger door so they don't line up correctly, there is not any apparent direct hit or dent (but it is dark so I could be wrong). I called my insurance as soon as possible after discovering both, and after this incident have found out they will both require $500 deductibles (anything up to $500 I cover, after that insurance covers).
What do you guys recommend? I don't have money right now since I've drained my extra cash flow on this lip project ($800 and counting). My main questions are:
How hard is it to remove the right fender or line it up again? Passenger door? Left rear panel (which extends up and over the car all the way to the hood? I can take pics tomorrow of the damaged areas if it would better help. On the note of bodywork, my girlfriend suggested that one of my summer projects be making all the body panels out of CF, since I have her permission I am looking into making a CF hood, fenders, etc. I just wish I didn't have to repair my current pieces...
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Just claim your car was vandalized and get both covered at once. Even if you dont your looking at $1400 in damages at very least, and thats from a shady bob's house of bondo body shop.

The doors need to be professionally done, same with the rear quarter panel. The fenders easy just buy a new one and get it painted. You cannot get to the inside of the door. Its tough so the body shops going to drill holes and pop it out from the front.
Re: (zerocover)

It is readily apparent that a vehicle went alongside my right door and fender, I am going to have to wait until the morning light to size up the damage better, and to talk to the store for the surveillance footage. I will also file a police report, and I might just have to put it as vandalism and do a good walk around of my car to see if there is any other damage.
I had someone hit my rear bumper and I filed a hit and run with the local police and insurance covered it completely under my "uninsured motorist" coverage...
Re: (Veefifty T5AWD)

Quote, originally posted by Veefifty T5AWD »
I had someone hit my rear bumper and I filed a hit and run with the local police and insurance covered it completely under my "uninsured motorist" coverage...


you have to file a report though.
The stores not going to help you, and the police dont give a dam.

I feel your pain, you know you can get the guy but no one wants you out on a vendetta, so if you want to see thous tapes you have to subpeona them esp if its from a large store.

The police will wright whatever you want, so check your insurance and see what will work out best for you. The local cops around here just hand me an accident report to fill out on my own and sign it when im done.
Re: (zerocover)

Are there any guides or what not to help me remove the fenders myself? I can't really afford to go through insurance and they said it is perfectly fine if I get the stuff done elsewhere. I think the front right fender would be an easy fix, but there are some small scratches. I don't think I could get it to fly that all of the damage was from one incident (but it is possible if someone really did, I just didn't notice it since my car was dirty and I never get in the passenger side) so getting my insurance to cover basically a couple body panel repairs and a paint job would be pushing it, but that would be awesome if they would. I think I will file a police report anyway. I will go home and take some pics and post them up. The damage isn't horrible but I know how shops like to rape their customer's wallets with these kinds of repairs, especially if there is any chance insurance will end up covering it.
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