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couple of questions

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hey all, been away for a while, but since summer is around the corner i want to get ready for a few mods.

first question, where can i get a leather repair kit? got some scratches that need taken care of.

second, where i live the roads are just horrible, i blew a tire not long ago, drove over a big crack in the road. can i do anything with the suspension? i was thinking about some kind of offroad suspension mod
? so what shocks, springs should i get to have a smoother ride?

third, i once accelerated real hard, full throttle, i smelled smth burning, but it was a faint smell and it quickly went away, what was it? the trans is a gt btw

thanx a lot
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1) The internet or autoparts store.
2) SkyJacker Lift Kit
3) That was the competition being smoked.

Seriously though, look around for a decent leather repair kit, plenty of them out there.

I don't know how much softer than stock you can get, make sure your tires are properly inflated and that your stick suspension is in good condition.

Could have been any number of things that caused that smell, as long as it doesn't still smell I wouldn't worry about.
Re: (NJGreenBudd)

thanx for the reply,

i did look around for a repair kit, but i don't have the patience (and it never works for me) to mix the colors to get the one that i need, i was thinking that perhaps there are kits premixed with the color you need.

as for the suspension, think country roads. Montreal has some terrible roads, holes are almost everywhere. i need something that is not necessarily softer, but more "absorbent", something that would handle all the bumps, cracks and holes better.
Re: (pOrk)

it's pretty good so far, definitely better than stock imo, i can really feel that torque now
, thinking of adding a dp too, but i'm really concerned with the noise, and i don't want to get a new cat back, i'll see.
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man I know what bad roads are all about, I live in northwestern new jersey and the farm roads are freaking terrible, the highways are horrible with potholes.....

Im rocking the eibachs and love it..
Re: (NJGreenBudd)

Roads that bad in MTL?
Btw Go Habs Go http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: (Turbos60)

the word bad is not enough to describe the situation, so is there anything out there that can make things better?
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