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Couple of questions on the 850R

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I've been looking in to the possibility of acquiring a used 850R, and I had a few questions for the group first..

First off, is the R available in manual transmission? I've only seen used models in automatic, and I'm hoping to stick with a manual car, if possible. Was the V70 available as a manual?

Secondly, how is the reliability of the 850? I had a 240 which lasted for over a quarter million miles, and a 760 which didn't even make a third of that.. How bad are the maintenance costs? Are there any specific caveats I should look out for?


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Nope, no manual for the US market. All the 70 series, except the LPT and V70R, has manual tranny.
Reliability...don't think it would be as good as the 240. But again..we have Matt here with 180K+ on his 850 that runs even better than the day they build it.
Maintenance costs won't be too cheap...compares to a American brand car that is.
Hmm.. is a manual on an R car in the US an impossibility? I realize they didn't import them, but has anyone attempted to do a tranny swap?

I'm a great proponent of manuals in terms of improving the longevity of the car..


As far as maintenance and repairs go, I tell everyone I know to budget $1000 a year. That includes the cost of tires. I will not elaborate on all the repairs that I have done but that is approximately what I have spent in the eight and one-half years I have owned my 850 Turbo. Note I still have the original transmission and evaporator. The car has currently has 91K miles.
I just hit 100,000 last week! Wahoo! With original tranny, not sure about the evaporator... It was Volvo serviced all of its life though... Keep good oil in it, and she'll love you back

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Welp, I'm a Mobil 1 addict, always have been, so oil and maintenance shouldn't be a problem.. I was more concerned with certain specific problems with the car (my 760's engine mounts broke. that's "bad")... and my S4 just broke the windshield washer fluid reservoir, which is pretty common for the car.

Manual transmission missing though is sorta disappointing

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