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As you can tell, the car is a 98 T5M SE. Has ~183K miles on it, but somehow has between 187 and 190 psi compression across all cylinders (see my thread about it here http://volvospeed.co...sion-numbers/). Exterior is "good" condition. The paint is very nice with no fading at all, but there are some imperfections here and there. The bumpers need to get repainted if you want the exterior to be mint. There are scuffs on the corner of the front and back bumper from the previous owner and some chips in the paint on the top center of the rear bumper. The front bumper also has holes in it since it was previously registered in Ontario where you need a front plate. The interior would be mint if it wasnt for a tear on the rear edge of the drivers side door panel and slight wear on the drivers seat (not nearly what you would expect in a car with this mileage though)

Stuff done to car within the last 10K miles:

timing belt, all timing belt pulleys, tensioner, water pump
completely new PCV system (not just cleaned)
rear pads
rear rotors
ebrake pads
front top strut mounts
stock sway bar linkages
bilstein HD's all around
sand blasted and repainted (with truck bed liner) 850R springs
850 T-5R clutch and single mass flywheel
slave cylinder (internal)
brand new sunroof glass (volvo OEM)
control arms
new drivers window control unit
rebuilt alternator

I cant think of anything else right now, but if I remember something I will add it.

The previous owner said he did brand new engine mounts all around, new front brakes (pads and rotors) and both front brake lines right before he sold the car to me about 15K miles ago. No evidence that he was lying. All these items look great. He also said he ran nothing but synthetic since he bought the car.

I replaced all fluids as soon as I bought the car using Hepu coolant, Volvo OEM trans oil, Mobile 1 synthetic ATF for power steering, and been running Elf (now called Total) full synthetic 0W-30 for every oil change.

The car is registered in Oregon, so there should be no problem getting it registered anywhere else in the US. It was previously a Canadian car so there should also be no problem getting it registered again in Canada.

Car comes with pegs with about 70% tread left on 215/45R17 Kumho SPT's and pefros with about 60% tread left on 205/55R16 Michelins of some sort. If you dont want the pegs then I can take something off the price of the car.

I am asking $5500 US $6300 CDN
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