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Cool R-Sport brochure on ebay

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I spotted this R-Sport brochure on ebay - and its in English! It depicts the extremely rare turbo kit Volvo offered for the B21 just prior to the introduction of the factory B21FT. Also check out the optional silver striping for the bumpers, and those stripe sets on the hood and sides!

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There were some stripe kits for sale on ebay recently, and none of them sold. The auctions were:

Item # 598231910 (black, 4-door)
Item # 598232390 (silver, 4-door)
Item # 598232632 (black, 2-door)

I used 3/4" red vinyl 3M tape on my bumpers. It fits the channel around the middle of the bumper perfectly, and I think it looks good. I also used the same tape, in black, to cover the chrome along the door trim.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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