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Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader!

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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd share my experience with this iphone app call Rev. Rev is a performance meter and diagnostics code reader that works via a wireless OBDII unit that sends the info wirelessly to your iphone which displays the data in a choice of very nice gauges and graphs on the iphone screen! It also measures g-forces and acceleration using the phone's accelerometer function. You can record data and email it to your computer for making graphs etc.

The wireless reader consists of an approx. 3 foot long cable that hooks into the OBDII port. The other end fits into the small wireless transmitter box-thing. It can be tucked under or along side the driver seat. They have a variety of wireless OBDII units available.

Set up is not difficult and it takes less than 5 minutes out of the box to get up and running.

Graphics on the screen look great. You have a choice between a round faced gauge display that can automatically zoom into the area being covered by the needle if you prefer (see the videos that show that feature). The alternative choice is a line graph that shows peaks and trough over time.

Not all data parameters are measurable by the reader. So, I'm sure many of you are wondering about boost... drum roll... it can not measure boost in our cars. But I asked if they could get the unit to read boost off of our volvos and they said they were taking manufacturer-specific requests...so i figure if we get enough interested Volvo owners, we may convince them to get this thing to read boost. The gauge on the iphone looks great and would make a very nice portable boost gauge that could be used in any car (post-1996)!

Here's what it will measure on my Volvo from that long list of parameters:

air intake temp
barometric pressure
calculated engine load
eng. coolant temp
fuel consumption (instantaneous and avg mpg)
fuel pressure
fuel trim (long B1)
fuel trim (short B1)
(the above 2 are AFR measures)
mass air flow
throttle position
timing advance
veh. speed

acceleration, lateral and forward g forces
gps track measurements.

It can not read:

boost psi
evap pressure
fuel level
intake manifold pressure
some other fuel trim values

Here is the website for more info:


Some youtube videos:

It's really a cool app for you tuners and gizmo geeks.
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Re: Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader! (fletcher33)

Oh yeah... it does read diag. codes... i got a CEL which turned out to be a MAF sensor issue...
+1 Great app. and yes no boost reading so far on S60R's.

They have been updating it. It just recently started reading my e60 m5... so their is hope!
Re: (Vodyk)

Yeah, that IS promising that they are adding functions!

I think we just need to show interest to the developers so that they'll look into getting it to read boost in our cars. The developers seem very open to ideas and improvements so it doesn't hurt for us to ask!
Re: (fletcher33)

pretty cool, but the hardware is $165?!?! I'll wait for boost readings before spending that. Still a nice app though, don't get me wrong
Re: (jdog)

Yeah, it's pricey but no more than the softloader from ipd or an Auterra DashDyno SPD ($400-600) unit. It does quite a bit more for the money compared to similar devices.

It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for a performance meter, this thing seems one of the nicest ones out there ...currently. The wireless feature is really nice as well as the ability to record and send data files to your computer. I hate the idea of mounting a big gauge pod or ugly little Auterra box with it's 85 cables on my dash.
Re: (fletcher33)

What wireless reader are you using?
Re: (mad matt)

ElmCan. I bought it before the other were being sold. Not sure how different they are in function...?
Re: Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader! (fletcher33)

Neat little program for the consumer.

The biggest issue with getting Volvo Specific Enhanced Communication is that Volvo's market share is very small and not cost effective for companies to implement.

I've spoken to a Snap-On Modis Automotive Division Developer and Trainer and asked him about the Lack of Volvo Enhanced Scanning. He told me that Volvo has approached them (snap-on) about implementing their software but Snap-on decided not to due Volvo's very small market share. It just wasn't profitable for snap-on. And Snap-on is the largest maker of scan tools for auto, truck, commercial and military applications. They were approached by Volvo a couple years ago did make about 500 Special Vantage Pro units for Volvo Dealers. These were the same as the regular Vantage Pro Scope except they were Blue and said Volvo on them. Each dealer was required to have one as a special tool. I've used it and its nice, not a scanner though but up to four channel lab scope.

So other than in some more populated cities does volvo have a small presence. And its not just having some company write an app and poof it works, there are licensing fees that must be paid as well. OBDII on the other hand while still limited, requires no such royalties to car manufactures but you only get data that whatever NAME manufacture decides to allow in the OBDII Datastream, PIDS and such.

Now I'v been reading a bit about a new OBDII mode coming in the next year or two called Mode $0A or just Mode 10. It will basically be a part of the OBDII system that logs emission fault codes and only allows the ECU to clear these codes when the fault has been fixed. A simple code clearing will not erase these codes, only fixing the system. This was done to thwart the current activity of clearing codes prior to an emissions inspection, even though the fault was not fixed and might cause a false Pass. Mind you the CEL will clear in Mode $04 so the light will go out, but won't clear from mode $0A

This isn't planned to roll out for another year or two and won't really affect vehicles for a few years after that but what it will end up doing is having a record of accountability. Say for instance you had an emission repair done on your vehicle and the shop or tech cleared the codes. In mode 10, it awaits the changes before it resets. So if the repair did not change the fault, mode 10 will be the tattle tale. I think its good all around as there will be more data logged to get a better idea of what might be going on and allow, more pointed repairs. It will also probably be hated by some techs because everyone will be able to see if they were wrong. I'm for it though http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

If anyone is looking for a better than descent scan tool for a laptop or pda check thses out
http://www.obd2.com/ (EASE DIAGNOSTICS)

I've used the Ease and its pretty good. I'm thinking of trying the AutoEnginuity as I've heard some very nice things, especially their Mode $06
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Re: Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader! (Oceans60R)

I like the idea of Wireless to a PDA (iPhone and/or Blackberry have become the obvious PDA's of choice).

The guys at Palmer Performance have started working on Volvo enhaced modes for their PCM Scan prodcut. A good number of SS members got on the GB which I beleive can still be had.

Re: Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader! (LTA)

Unfortunately, Volvo's are still only OBDII Generic supported
Re: Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader! (Oceans60R)

Quote, originally posted by Oceans60R »
Unfortunately, Volvo's are still only OBDII Generic supported

Yes, still only generic but as they say in the islands "Soon come".

Get on the forum and post your support.

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Re: Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader! (fletcher33)

If it read boost, I'd buys it today.

Still, ipod touch also? I'm assuming you just have to detect the "Network" that the ODBII reader broadcasts.
Re: Cool performance data logger and diagnostics code reader! (BeerEngineer)

yup, should work with the ipod touch. Setup was super easy... just hooking up to a wifi transmitter.
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