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Re: Convert redundant access panel to a proper sunglass holder (FinnSpeed)

Quote, originally posted by FinnSpeed »
I also got the sunglass holder to replace the handle. Works fine and was easy to install.

However, I've also been thinking that the space behind that acces panel could be used for something - like to hold the Bluetooth button panel. I'm thinking the BT panel would easily fit in an oval hole made to that panel. Question is, is it easy enough to extend the BT panel wiring harness?

One reason to put the BT in there is that I really don't find a perfect spot for it elsewhere. It looks out of place anywhere on dash.

This has been exactly my thought. Not wanting to put it elsewhere has kept me from getting it, actually. I suppose it could be stuck up there with some kind of adhesive -- not as clean as actually cutting the panel, but I don't want the kit badly enought to investigate doing that.
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