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Re: Considering selling the R (Jay_SB)

Of the three that you mentioned i think that the Cobra would be a great change of pace(if thats what you are looking for) Personally, I am a muscle car guy at heart, and would jump at the chance for an Cobra(assuming I wasnt in college, and I had a job, and I had the money to buy it, and i wasnt dependent upon my parents) but those minor things aside I would get something to spin some tires with. That said, it might get old quick, so instead of those three cars that you are looking at, maybe consider the S2K, and also I heard something abuot a special edition STi with leather seats, sound system, folding rear seat. If you are interested let me know and ill get some more information on it. For the record, my friend with an STi saw the "special" edition, which is also very limited, at a car show this summer.
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