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What's a P1 Volvo?
The P1 Volvo platform is part of the international C1 platform and includes the S40, V50, C30, and C70. Many suspension components are shared with the Mazda 3 as well as the new Ford Focus.

What should I look for when buying a used S40/V50?
1. Is it clean? Nobody wants to buy a dirty car.
2. The timing belt service is due around 105k or 120k miles. If it is near that mile mark and has not already been replaced, use this to haggle the price down.
3. Does the car have a sunroof? Check the carpets for any signs of moisture. The sunroof drains can clog, which results in flooding within the car. It is a pretty easy fix, so don't let this scare you away from the car.
4. Does the engine make a strange squealing noise? Could be a bad PCV. More information here, here, here, here, and here.
5. Check the stickies for more information on common problems and general maintenance, this will provide valuable information on P1 Volvos.

What are pre-facelifts?

What are facelifts?

What's the difference between R-design and other facelift models?
The R-designs have "R-design" badges, the sport trim (lips and skirts) with aluminum mirror caps, blue backed gauges, R-design steering wheel and interior trim, and different seat covers. The suspension is slightly stiffer and the steering is a bit more firm, but nothing really noticeable to someone new to Volvo.

Why is there only one rear fog light?
It is standard for there to only be one rear fog light located on the drivers side. This indicates the passing corner of the car and avoids confusion with brake lights.

Why is there more brake dust on the rear wheels?
These cars have a rear brake dominance.

Where can I buy parts?
Carbon Fiber Werks
CFM Performance (research which focus parts are interchangeable)
Erie Volvo
Euro Sport
FCP Euro
SwedeSpeed Classifieds
V and S

Where do I get the prancing moose stickers?
Dave Barton

How do I search this forum?
Google is better than the search function.

Acronym Dictionary:
AWD - All Wheel Drive
BOV - Blow off valve - Releases air pressure into the atmosphere.
CAN- Controller area network - The method or language that all modules communicate with.
CBV - Compressor Bypass valve - Similar to a BOV but releases the air pressure back into the intake system.
CEL - Check Engine Light.
CEM - Central Electronic Module - Module responsible for communicating with all other modules via CAN. Directly responsible for headlight relays and function.
ECM - Electronic Computer Module - Main Computer - Often referred to as the ECU - Electronic Control Unit.
FMIC - Front Mount Intercooler
FPS - Fuel pressure sensor
FWD - Front Wheel Drive
IC - Intercooler
IP - Intake Pipe
OBDII - On board diagnostics - A standard connector and communication method that allows the ECM to display diagnostics information.
OSD - Over Seas Delivery
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PM - Private Message
TCV - Turbo Control Valve - Controlled by the ecm and controls boost via the wastegate.
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