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Confirm Get Together

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Hey George and Prospero, I just wanted to confirm we were still trying to do a get together on March 10th. I will post today on Brickboard if this sounds good. Drop me a line or post if you get a chance. Talk to you soon.

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I'd have to say the event went pretty well. There was a wee bit of confusion as to which of the 3 parking garages to go to, but in all, most people found us. BTW, I apologize to those who came and did not meet up with us, next time we will have to meet in a larger, more open area.
The weather was nice for the majority of the meet, but the clouds dumped on us around 3:00 which ended the day for the most part. (Figures it would rain, I just washed my 850 for the gathering!) The GTG pretty well covered topics ranging from mods to repairs, stereo work, custom wheel finishes, peeling roof rails, and anything else that came to mind. (We have a great group of people here that really knows their stuff!) The event gave us the chance to all ogle at everyone's car and even diagnose some minor problems with them. IMO, it was a good time for all. I can't wait till we meet again! Anyhow, there were a few cameras in action, I'm sure that pictures will be posted before long. Till next time…

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I think it went well. Like Prospero said there was some confusion with the garage's. I was at the other garage for most of the day and finally drove over to the one where there were more people. I took a bunch of pictures and I'm working on a really simple web page with the pics. When I have some more time, I'll make a page that's a little more presentable. Right now I'm trying to make some more space on my school account for the pictures, I'm sitting at 98% of my disk quota. And Matt thanks for the help, I already fixed the vacuum hose, even my car thanks you!! I'll be calling you soon. Talk to you guys soon.

Glad to have met you finally! Had a cool time at the event, can't wait to see the pictures. How much change did you feel after putting the new hose on? I would imagine that the car feels much better now. Maybe now there will less moisture ingress into your oil and intake. Keep an eye on it and let me know. Look forward to hearing from you again.

Yeah, it was great to meet you guys, though confusion of garages was a bit of a problem. Too bad too, because otherwise it was a cool place to meet. We'll have to come up with something better.

Scott, did you have your headgasket checked out yet? I'm curious to see what they tell you.
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