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Confirm Get Together

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Hey George and Prospero, I just wanted to confirm we were still trying to do a get together on March 10th. I will post today on Brickboard if this sounds good. Drop me a line or post if you get a chance. Talk to you soon.

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Why don't we do it a different day then. There are so few of us in the area who have started this, we ought to be able to find a date when everyone can show. Matt what's good for you?
I will be free that day. I'll put it in my calendar. Anyone else interested in attending?

I know another R owner from Gaithersburg who I'll shoot an email to. Feel free to post this on the other boards.
I'll be bringing my digital camera and am working on having two cars there. We have an S80 T-6 on loan from Volvo for that weekend and I just need to work on having Paul Grimes (one of our contributors down) to drive it.

I'll cross post this in the other forums here on Swedespeed, and I'll talk to my buddy from Annapolis Volvo about possibly coming down as well.
Matt, thanks anyway. The S80 may or may not come, though Paul has it for the remainder of the week.

Thing is, only he and I can drive the thing. We'll see if he makes it down.
I just got confirmation from a local guy I met with a red 855 R. He'll be there. I'll be there as well in my R.
Oh yeah, that reminds me. I need to recharge the batteries in my camera.

BTW, I know another R owner who'll be there.
Yeah, it was great to meet you guys, though confusion of garages was a bit of a problem. Too bad too, because otherwise it was a cool place to meet. We'll have to come up with something better.

Scott, did you have your headgasket checked out yet? I'm curious to see what they tell you.
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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