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Hi everyone.

I recently decided to clean and condition my much-neglected 2008 XC90 seats. I’m not sure they’ve ever had a ‘real’ clean outside of leather wipes from time to time.

Invested in The Chemical Guys leather cleaner, conditioner, and horsehair brush. Followed the process from their videos, but got some subpar results. The seats *feel* better and smell amazing, but I’m disappointed with the look:

First time I cleaned, wiped cleaner off, conditioned, and wiped excess off after a few minutes. After seeing them like the picture above, I conditioned again. Second time I only conditioned and did not wipe any excess off. (Thinking that maybe the leather just soaked the conditioner in and needed more) The photo above is the day after conditioning the second time.

Seats look amazing when ‘wet’ (as much as they can for being so old), but when they dry, they look like above, which is sadly, worse than before I started.

Any tips for how to make them look better?
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