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Concept Lab Volvo gives customers direct contact with the Volvo Cars product development department and its experts

The 71st Geneva international motor show marks the start of a project that will give customers the world over direct contact with the very heart of Volvo Car Corporation.
Customers can use the new Internet site www.conceptlabvolvo.com to submit questions and put forward their viewpoints on-line to the key persons behind today's Volvo cars - and those that will emerge tomorrow.

"I am really looking forward to participating in a direct dialogue with existing and potential new customers," says Hans-Olov Olsson, President of Volvo Cars.

Concept Lab Volvo is one concrete result of the company's change of direction, "ReVolvolution", whose keywords are faster, better and smarter. "A truly smart carmaker will not be satisfied with displaying and selling its products on the Internet. With this project, we also aim to give our customers the possibility of playing an active and important role in our product development. Concept Lab Volvo is an ideal means of testing our ideas and of securing invaluable input early in the development of new models," explains Hans-Olov Olsson.

Preview in Detroit

Volvo Cars offered a taste of things to come at the Detroit international car show in early January. Visitors to the show and Internet users the world over were able to offer their views on one concept car on the Volvo stand - the Volvo ACC (Adventure Concept Car).

"So far, we have received more than 1000 filled-in questionnaires, and these customer views have been channelled straight to the project group," says Hans-Olov Olsson.

Advanced Project

Concept Lab Volvo is a far more advanced project. Internet site http://www.conceptlabvolvo.com will open at the same time as the Geneva motor show opens its doors to the world on 27 February 2001. Some of the foremost Volvo Cars experts in the fields of safety, environment, design and driving experience will be available to answer questions on-line throughout the two press days.

"Our experts are primarily interested in questions and views relating to the concept cars that are on display at the show: the Volvo ACC, Volvo SCC (Safety Concept Car) and Volvo PCC (Performance Concept Car)," explains Hans-Olov Olsson, "but they are naturally prepared to discuss and answer any questions at all relating to their special areas of competence."

The Internet site also features detailed information about the philosophy that guided the evolution of the concept cars and the technology that they embrace.

Source: Volvo
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