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Via the www.conceptlabvolvo.com Internet site, customers throughout the world have direct contact with the heart and brains behind Volvo Cars.
Visitors to the site can ask questions and put forward their views on-line to key persons behind today's and tomorrow's Volvo cars.

Concept Lab Volvo is a concrete result of the company's change-enhancement project, "ReVolvolution", whose keywords are 'quicker', 'better' and 'smarter'.
"A truly smart car manufacturer will not be satisfied with simply exposing and selling its products on the Internet. With this project, we are giving customers the opportunity to play an active - and very important - role in our product development process. Concept Lab Volvo is a perfect channel for testing our ideas and for obtaining valuable viewpoints and reactions early in the development process for new models," explains Hans-Olov Olsson.

Key Persons Listen - And Respond
Concept Lab Volvo had its premiere showing at the Geneva car show in February 2001, and it also has a firm presence at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
The site includes detailed information about the thoughts behind the four concept cars - the Volvo Safety Concept Car, Volvo Adventure Concept Car and Volvo Performance Concept Cars I and II.
Concept Lab Volvo is open round the clock and during the car show, it can be accessed from terminals on the Volvo Cars stand - or from any computer with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.
The site is a continuous channel for contact with key persons at Volvo Cars. This question-and-answer forum is open for a couple of hours every day from Monday to Thursday, and the subjects alternate between design, safety, the environment and driving feel.
About ten of the company's foremost experts in each area take turns to discuss these issues with customers and to answer incoming questions.
About 3100 people have registered as members on www.conceptlabvolvo.com and to date, about 200,000 people from roughly 60 countries have visited the site.

Special Subjects and Direct Contact with the Company Executive
In addition to this fixed programme, special attention will also be focused every now and then on certain keynote subjects, for example new concept studies or car ownership in the future. The President and CEO of Volvo Cars, Hans-Olov Olsson, is particularly keen on maintaining direct contact with the company's customers.
"One of the most important ways for us to forge confidence and increase interest in our products and our brand name is by clearly demonstrating that we mean business when we say we want to listen to today's and tomorrow's customers. That is why it's a natural part of the day's work for me and my colleagues on the Executive Board to set aside time for Concept Lab Volvo, concludes Hans-Olov Olsson.
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