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Here is a way to re-shim your A/C compressor without having to disconnect it from the system (remove freon). This is on a Straight drive.

Use a lift and raise vehicle, or put it on jackstands. Remove drive belt. Remove Air guide and Protector pan if you have them installed. Remove passenger front subframe bolt and remove the bolt holding the wiring harness in place. Remove compressor bolts as well. You dont have to pull them all the way out, just unthread them.

Position the compressor in a way that you can install a small bolt/screw into the clutch face...I don't recall the size of the bolt but its small. Remove the bolt holding the clutch face to the compressor. We use a slide hammer/Slap wrench with a pair of vise grips attached to the end. Attach this to the bolt in you've screwed into the clutch face..Make sure you've got the screw threaded in at lease 4-5 turns or it will pull right out and you'll have to use a different hole. Give it a few slaps and eventually it will come off..remove shims and reinstall,

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