Pulled from 2005 S60R with 200K. Car drove fine (no codes or hesitation) when parted out, but previous owner suspected a repeat of a burnt exhaust valve on cylinder 1. The valve had been replaced previously but may not have have the correct cam follower installed.

Includes engine, intake manifold with green injectors and throttle body, exhaust manifold, K24 turbo in good condition. Have all engine accessories ( rail, power steering pump, AC compressor, alternator, starter) in box.

PCV is not included. One of the bolt holes for the lower PCV box appears to be stripped/broken.

Intended to use for a swap project but priorities have changed and I need this gone. I don't have a good way to move this and shipping is out of the question, so you will have to pickup. Engine is on wood frame with casters.

$1000 OBO.

I have some other parts available as well: airbox, OTE pipe, OEM downpipe, Snabb turbo inlet pipe.