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Complete '98 S70 glt part out - Metallic grey/purple Ext W/ Black Interior

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Ok so here are the basics for the car... engine is bad...blown head gasket. Most panels are in great condition. Everything is going to go and go soon. All these prices are obo

Rear leather seats - $40
Steering wheel and air bag - $60
Tail lights (complete L+R) - $30 each
Gauge cluster - $60
13g turbo - $100
Complete dash (upper and lower + Airbag + tweeters) $125
Trunk - $45
Exterior door handles (FOR ALL FOUR) - $45
Rear spoiler w/ brackets (green/blue color) - $80
E-fan + relay and pig tails - $75
Power mirrors - $40 each or $60 for both
Climate control - $45
Front Grille - $35
Wheels - $200
Ecu - $60
Switches - $5 each
Headlight switch - $15
Vents - $5 each
Speakers - $10 each
Glove box door and insert - $30
Arm rest - $25
Rear luggage rack thinger - $25
Seat belts - $10 each
Door lock Actuators - $40 each
Complete grey interior grab handle set and dome light w/ headliner- $125
Only grey dome light - $35
Fuel rail + reds - $60
X70 air box w/ sas - $30
Misc relays - $20 for all shown

Anything else you guys can think of/need let me know and I'll see about getting it for you. Prices are all OBO and BEFORE SHIPPING. If you want pictures for anything listed but not shown lemme know and I'll take pics for you.


Modified by Boomin850 at 3:37 AM 5-11-2009
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Re: Complete '98 S70 glt part out - Metallic grey/purple Ext W/ Black Interior (Boomin850)

I need the passenger side front turn signal !! How much shipped to 11961 ?
LOL you didn't read very much did you? Only things spoken for are the headlamps...and passenger side turn signal
Re: (Boomin850)

How's the front passenger fender? If it's good, no dents and such, I'd be interested for the right price. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

Modified by combusto at 6:34 PM 3-28-2009
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Is the master window switch any good?
Works great $50 shipped. Can get pics monday since i am out of town until then
I doubt you'll want to sell just the mirror cover from the drivers side but if you would i'd be interested and shipped to 57103?
Re: 4-sale

I need left rear interior door trim panel, hopefully not pealing too bad....how much to 75235. - Thank you.
I'm going to sell the mirrors complete sorry. As for the interior door panel I need to look again and get you some pictures.
Bump. Prices and many pictures added. Combusto-emailing you now with pics of the fender. Great condition...one small ding
Re: (Boomin850)

does it have wood trim? if it does interested in shifter piece - depends grain type, condition, price.
also passenger mirror price if heated,
Re: (Papa_Kirlo)

Sorry no wood trim. The mirror is heated, $40 obo per side or $60 for both. That's shipped
How much for the pipe that goes from the SAS valve to the cownpipe, shipped to 16801?
Sorry that pipe is fubared
Tons of pictures added, some prices dropped, car gets scrapped tomorrow
Re: Complete '98 S70 glt part out - Metallic grey/purple Ext W/ Black Interior (Boomin850)

Any idea if the 13g is in good shape? ie milage, wear, smoke etc.
Would you sell the steering wheel w/o the airbag and if so, how much to Knoxville, Tn 37918- but only if it's in good shape (no scuffs or scratches).
Re: (MadeInJapan)

Yea I can for $55 shipped. I'll clean it up and send you a picture to your email
Re: (Boomin850)

How about the entire center console shipped to NJ?
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