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Comparison VIdeos of my R Stock Vsmy R with Bsr ppc Kit 0-200 + sprints

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I am abit dissaointed I must say.

Check these vids out It seems I am about the same from 0-200 stock and with my Bsr kit. I have to see the start time again.. but stock I hit 200 in 23 sec
Bsr hit 200 in 21-22 secs?

Check this and let me know your thaughts.

Stock Runs 0-220 kh


Run 2


Now here are the runs with BSR PPC KIT. 54 Hp hemm according to Bsr


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well I just noticed.
with stock run I hot 200 kmh in 23 sec

with Bsr 20 secs I guess that is a good gain.

Here is my old car before my R.


320 whp Sti
Hits 200 km in 18 sec

and 220 in 23
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I guess.. Bsr sent me a email saying that the gains are wellll over 30 hp no matter what anyone says..
especially when I told them I run 94 oct
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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