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Looking to buy my first Volvo ever (considered Audi Q8, Toyota LC). I have driven every generation Chevy Suburban or GMC Yukon XL since 1999 as my daily driver but my 3 kids are grown so will need a car for only myself with some hauling in mind. The GM trucks have been very reliable and only needed maintenance without any major issues, kept about 5-6 years, 15-20K/year and then traded in. The latest generation Suburban has all that I need including CarPlay, keyless start and power everything but would be too large for my present needs.

My main considerations in my next vehicle which I plan on getting by January 2020 are safety, a higher ride height so I can pull out of intersections easier, ease of an 85 year old mom being able to get in and out easily and capability of loading enough things in the back. My two top choices for any brand in my next vehicle are the Volvo XC90 and Volvo V90 CC. I have a few questions and am asking for some advice on purchasing or leasing (via business).

1. Are there any major flaws that although rare, occurs in these models? I am thinking about issues such as the significant start from stop lag in the Audi A8 that crossed it off my list of options. Considering there have been electrical issues in MB and BMWs I have read about, are there similar issues in current Volvos?
2. The latest XC 90 is from 2016 while the V90 CC is from 2017. I would want a new vehicle, either 2019 or 2020. Are there any additions or omissions regarding the model years that one would seek?
3. I will be moving to Los Angeles by the new year. Which dealers have members received excellent sales and repair services from? Do most new Volvo owners service their cars at the dealer or with an independent?
4. Coming from the GM truck side, I have always received a approximately $10K discount with either a 55 or 65K vehicle with dealers from NJ. In Southern CA, what would one expect in percentage for either a 2019 or 2020 model?
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