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Hey guys, New group starting up for us Florida guys, seeing as how we dont really have one outside of vcoa.

Do you live in Florida?
Do you drive a Volvo?
Do you love said Volvo?

Then come over to the FloridaVolvoCommunity

Hang out, talk a bit, and take a ride.

We don't care if your car is stock, or has some crazy modifications.
Just so long as your car has that sexy Volvo logo! Haha.

Check us out at FloridaVolvoCommunity.net

Or on facebook at

Sign up now!

We plan on being a majorly active group with meets to come!

Ever wanted to go to the junk yard to get a part you needed, but you were unsure as to how to get that part? Well ask us, we love getting $100 dollar parts for next to nothing!
Heck, we even have planed to do a few junk yard runs like we have in the past, but now well be doing them in groups!

Come check out the new site and the new group!

With your help Florida will have a volvo community that is a single entity, and not piggy backing off of another euro car club... haha!

And best of all, no need for a flame suite here!

So come check us out at our own site, and forum!


Sign up today!

We are just starting out, but the site is already taking off, hundreds of page views so far!
and the site has only been live since friday!

So what are you waiting for?
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