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Hi. I have a post in the Wheels and Tires forum but am looking for a quick answer to a Columba Wheels concern. My understanding is that these were available on some 850s so thought I'd post my question here too.

Are the Columba wheels directional? Meaning, are there separate left and right wheels? My Volvo wheel brochure indicates separate left and rights. However, my local dealer seemed to feel that it didn't matter and they typically order four lefts as the right side part number doesn't show in their wheel books (although if they enter it in the system it does come up as a valid part).

What is the difference between the left and right side wheels? Is the difference visual? Are the spokes swept in a different direction? I had heard that the difference might be related to some very subtle differences in the fins (might not even be apparent to the nake eye) so that air is directed at the brakes. I've also heard that the difference is just appearance.

Is there any way to tell the difference between the left and right sides?

Does anyone have these on their Volvo? If so, are the cast numbers the same for the left and right side on your wheels? The cast number for this style should be visible and stamped between the cap and the lugs on the outside of the wheels. I'd be interested in knowing if the cast numbers are showing as the same on your left and right sides...and if so what the cast number is.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

- John
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